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You might not know it, but we all start our overall health and fitness journey from the moment we are born. Most of us seem to forget about this along the way as life becomes more and more challenging with its constant change and new demands with modernisation. 

Farouk Sydow, Fitpreneur and founder of FitEvolution, has over 22 years of experience within his field of sales, marketing and operations. Throughout his time spent in the corporate world, he came to understand the intense need for a modern solution to the challenge of working daily exercise into the routines of those around him. 

Our nation faces a severe threat as our statistics on obesity rises yearly with no alternative solution in sight other than a massive change in our daily diet and the manner in which we approach the topic of exercise. FitEvolution is a South African health and fitness platform created with the sole purpose of evolutionising outdated solutions to daily health and fitness. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, but there are alternative, cost-effective solutions made available to us thanks to modern technology.

South African patriot, Farouk Sydow, found his purpose which is to make personal training, the basics of meal planning and overall wellness accessible to all. 

Various exercise classes

Our coaches have a broad spectrum of specialisation from which to choose!


Build lean muscle with our High Interval Intensity Training sessions.

Shadow Boxing

Shed those last few pounds without a single piece of equipment.


Find your center and your zen in the comfort of your home.

Dance Cardio

Work out by working in your dance routine into your daily one.

Functional Training

Focus on the building blocks of improving your daily strength and fitness.

Cardio Training

Get your blood pumping and your fitness level climbing steadily


Run through a few fitness drills with speed, accuracy and discipline building techniques.


Tabata training works in 20 second intervals of high intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeated eight times.

EVO- 1&All

Join our daily live streams
led by our various coaches.

Access our database
of online exercise videos
Access to our App


A challenge for our South African
fitness enthusiasts looking for
a change in their routine.

Access to custom exercise plan
Access to nutritional plan
Check In with personal live chats with coaches
Progress tracking with our App

Personal Virtual 1-1

Affordable online personal training and professional consultation.

Benefit from daily virtual coach check in’s
Daily progress tracking
Nutritional plan
Specialised custom workouts
Video tutorial access

Premium 1-1 Coaching

Home-based training

Nutritional plan

Progress tracking

App access


Achieve your ideal level of fitness and have your collective journey accompanied with our very own FitEvolution App designed for your peace of mind and convenience!

  • Access to fitness exercise instructional videos
  • Access to personal fitness tracking features
  • Access to virtual coaching
  • Access to nutritional meal plans

Our vision is to be the only online fitness platform
you need to achieve your goals with a personal touch
and the click of a button.

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