We offer various Programs which are primarily focused on physical fitness.

One-On-One Pers Coaching Package:

Included in the program:
an exercise plan, distributed weekly in advance via our portal for the duration of the Program;

an eating plan, made available at the start of the Program via our portal; and

a faculty coach assigned to you at the start of the Program with whom you will be in regular communication about the Program and your progress.

Access to our portal will be provided to the Client upon payment and will provide the Client’s eating plan and exercise plan for the relevant week.


Unlimited Group Sessions Package:

Included in the program:

Live workout sessions with a coach, focusing on improved fitness and physical strength.

Previous workout sessions can also be accessed if missed.

The information presented in the Programs, which may include nutrition and/or physical assessment reports, is not medical or professional advice and should be used for informational purposes only. Any reliance on the information provided in the Programs is at your own risk.

It is entirely your responsibility to seek medical advice on the health effect of the Programs provided by us to you.


You can terminate your account at any time by supplying FitEvolution with seven (7) days written notice. At any time, and without cause, FitEvolution may cancel or suspend this Agreement and/or your use of the Program at our sole discretion, without any liability if you are in breach of this Agreement. Furthermore, you will be allowed to cancel this Agreement and your purchase of the Program in terms of applicable consumer protection laws as set out in clause 9 below.


The costs to purchase the Program are set out on fitevolution/training/ and upon this Agreement (the “Fees“). Fees will be charged on a recurring monthly basis following the date of initial payment. All Fees are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise. In addition to the Fees, you will be liable for any costs associated in using the Program, such as mobile data charges, gym fees, etc. One-On-One Coaching Package only: If you fail to make payment for the Program by the due date for payment (as agreed during registration and recorded in your invoice), then we may remove you from the Program or suspend your participation in the Program at our sole discretion. If you are suspended from participation, you will not receive further Program correspondence and access to the portal will be suspended until such time as the outstanding payment has been made by you, and you will be given a period of time within which to rectify non-payment. If you fail to make payment within the given additional period of time, then we will be entitled to cancel your registration and remove you from the Program and you will not be entitled to any refund.



Payment of the Fees is required before you can use the Program and the Fees must be paid via credit card through a third party payment gateway. Payments reflecting charges for the upcoming month’s Program will be deducted from your authorised credit card promptly monthly following the date of initial payment.

Transaction records. 

We will make all documentation relating to transactions between you and us available via email.

Payment gateway terms. If you pay the Fees through a third party payment gateway, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by any such third party and agree to pay any fees that may be charged by the third party. FitEvolution will not have access to any payment information that you provide to the third party payment gateway.

Additional charges. If you cancel a payment by giving instruction to your bank to return your funds, and they do so, you will be liable to us for any penalty which we incur to that bank or other payment processor.

Foreign currency. If the Fees are described in a different currency to that which you use, you accept all risk for any currency fluctuations, and you undertake to pay the Fees in full in our stated currency. You will be liable for any additional charge incurred due to you paying the Fees in a different currency.